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Living In A World Not Knowing If It Will Stop At The End Of A Gun

There is a website called Gun Violence Archives that list the results of gun violence and they are horrifying. For insistence Chicago, Illinois has some of the toughest gun restrictions in the USA but the results make it look like there are no restrictions at all and those results makes it almost impossible for those […]

Performing DevExpress Install

Save yourself time and energy by installing DevExpress into a folder that is NOT “Program Files (86)” say “C:\DevEx\”. Reason is that “Program Files (x86)” is a protected folder and DevExpress needs to create several DCU’s in the “ExpressCore Library\Sources” folder.

A Whisper In Time

Who am I that anyone should care just a whisper in time. I came naked and will leave naked having been here for a second in time. I struggle for the good of life that escapes me time after time. I see the horrors in life that are with me all of the time. When […]

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