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New Software Consulting

Starting a new Delphi software project?  We can provide consultation that can help you avoid problems and pitfalls.

Legacy Software Consulting

Do you have an old software program that has become an eyesore?  We can provide consultation that can help you revitalize, replace or retire it!

Software Contracting

Do you need an experienced Delphi software development contractor for short or long term?  We can help you!

We use the latest Delphi tools for desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone software development.


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Moving a website to another web host is a scary thing!!!

Okay, you have built your website and you have had a falling out with your web host.  You have thoughts of changing web host but you are frozen with fear that the move will not go well.  Scary thing indeed no matter what the experts say. You could pay someone big bucks to take care […]

Firemonkey forgot to add a changed event when changing tabcontrol tabs/indexes

Leave it to Firemonkey for making an experienced Delphi developer’s day frustrating. When you change tabs on a tabcontrol, chances are you want to place focus on a component on the current tab.  Well, there is no “changed event” to accomplish this.  Luckily I found this code on a Russian website *.     procedure […]

Easy, simple website building is a myth!!!

Building a website is like writing a book and having no idea what you are going to write about. Someone rich has nothing to worry about because they have someone else write the website content. Someone that is not rich has to write it and hope they get good FREE advice.  The problem with “free” […]

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