Complicated World Of Finding Resources

It is my minority opinion that the current state of finding resources to fill vacancies is in many ways a total failure.

It use to be that job recruiters took great pride in finding qualified candidates for highly skilled jobs.  For example, my skill set is pretty unique which is outlined in detail on my published resume.  However, most of the solicitations have missed the mark.

I have heard that resource gathers take only a few seconds to scan a resume using keyword search and other methods.  If that is true, then whatever keywords and methods they are using is not working.  Examples are:

  1. Receive a resource request for a job that contains required development skills A, B, C and D.  Looks like a good job; however, you have none of those skills.  What a waste of time.
  2. Resource request states “locals only” and you are clear across the country?  What!!!
  3. You reside in an area with very low cost of living.  The resource request is an area with high cost of living area and they require relocation and it is a contract.  Wow.  Not in a million years.  Could anyone afford the cost of living adjustment transition?
  4. Listed compensation is not even in the ballpark.

To me, someone needs to create a better way to find resources based on requirements because currently the listing of solicitations, required skill sets and compensation it was not working.

It would be interesting to have a better understanding of the reason of their madness that these recruiters are required to follow when soliciting.