Embarcadero Never Fixed This Android (Tokyo Version) Flaw

First, I love Delphi (20 years use) and FireMonkey (5 years use – Android).  My thoughts are criticisms, not a rejection.

Embarcadero is prolific in their forward thinking that when a new version comes out, all hope of fixing serious flaws in the previous version stops.

Case in point was the Tokyo version.  Believe it or not, there was a flaw that prevented Android apps from “showing”.  You could install the app and run it and it would set there invisible to the user.

Come to find out the problem was in the “FMX.Context.GLES.pas” file.

function GLGetErrorFlags: Integer;
    MaxStopLock = 16;
    Flag, StopLock: Integer;
    Result := 0;
    StopLock := MaxStopLock;
        Flag := glGetError;
        // if Flag <> GL_NO_ERROR then
        // https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-19814
        if (Flag <> GL_NO_ERROR) and (Flag <> GL_INVALID_VALUE) then
            Result := Result or Flag;
    until (Flag = GL_NO_ERROR) or (StopLock <= 0);

This error was never officially fixed in spite of the Tokyo version having 3 updates.  Another user supplied the “work-around” solution.  Oh well.