FireMonkey Mad Observations

First, I love Delphi (20 plus years use) and FireMonkey (5 plus years use – Android).  My thoughts are criticisms, not a rejection.

FireMonkey has been around for about 10 years and you would think something simple as fixing “easy” problems could occur.  However, with each iteration I guess they expect us to “get use” to those problems (while they introduce new problem).  Don’t get me wrong.  FireMonkey is a great tool that helps the developer quickly develop quality applications.  However, as a developer I would expect (and hope) near perfection on basic things because I have been programming with Delphi for over 20 years and to me the Delphi VCL (Visual Control Library) is a gold standard.

Some of my never ending irritation examples are:

  1. Tab Order – it is offered for the user to utilize by setting the tab order of the controls on the form/window.  It doesn’t.  You are better off setting the tab order in code.  Now, I guess they expect the user to not bother with the tab order because iOS/Android devices do not use tabs.  You peck around the device with your finger.  However, if you are using a Bluetooth (or virtual) keyboard that has a tab button, the user should expect some tab order when moving from control to control, right?  Oh well.
  2. Image Degradation – when setting images in an image list one would expect that the quality of the images would stay intact.  Wrong.  Over time when developing a project, the developer has to reload/refresh the image list contents because the image quality melts away slowly.  This is maddening.
  3. To be continued…