Ztec Outboard Diagnostics (ZOD)

Evinrude ® EvDiagnostics v5 (standard version) or EvDiag performs engine diagnostics on Evinrude ® Ficht/DI and E-TEC ® G1 series engines.  It is a powerful tool; however, EvDiag was meant for Evinrude ® dealers and their technicians use only.

ZOD is a safe and sensible replacement for EvDiag.  Development of ZOD started over 4 years ago as an alternative way for consumers to have a degree of control based on their feedback to alert us of errors, changes and enhancement request.  ZOD contains an engine simulator that will simulate many of the real engine conditions.  This simulator is a valuable evaluation tool and should help the user in learning proper use.

ZOD has license registration contained within the application and uses PayPal for handling payment transaction (pro version $89.95 USD, basic version $59.95 USD, pro version upgrade from basic version $30.00 USD).  Once payment is verified, registration occurs within the application immediately.  See End User License Agreement for more information.


ZOD Simulated Engine Version (free for use)

(requires Windows ® XP or higher OS)

ZOD Real Engine Version (pending availability)

(requires Windows ® XP or higher OS, engine serial communications)

Learn more about ZOD using its web help file online.

ZOD Simulator Videos

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