Ztec Outboard Diagnostics (ZOD)

Evinrude ® EvDiagnostics v5 (standard version) or EvDiag5 performs engine diagnostics on Evinrude ® Ficht/DI and E-TEC ® G1 series engines.  This is a powerful tool meant for Evinrude ® dealers and their technicians use only.  However, in the hands of customers or boat enthusiast it can possibly lead to engine damage.

ZOD is a safe and sensible replacement which performs many of the features that EvDiag5 has.  ZOD also contains an engine simulator that will simulate many of the real engine conditions.  This simulator is a valuable tool that should help the user learn proper use.

ZOD is available at no cost.  However, license registration is required to connect to Evinrude ® Ficht/DI and E-TEC ® G1 series engines.


ZOD (real engine requires registration, simulated engine needs no registration)

Learn more about ZOD using its web help file online.

ZOD Simulator Videos

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